The WallTech Story: How We Began

Every company has a story, and this is ours. 


WallTech Systems started as a father and son owned company that operated out of Europe. We were recommended to the duo by a third party, as CIE Europe was looking to gain a strong hold in the States. 


Because of this recommendation, we quickly formed a working relationship with the father and son. Through this relationship came the product of what we are today, a family run operation that is based out of Atlanta. 


Through our formed relationship, we became the sole distributors of WallTech products in North America.  Our products can be found on Amazon, as well as at Home Depot and Lowes and we are planning on continuing to expand the distribution of our products.


We truly believe that WallTech Systems is a product that can help people become more organized, while being easy and quick to install. 


We want to give you an option for all of your organizational needs with our diverse  and customizable products. 


To see more of what we do and customer reviews, you can always check out Home Depot’s website, type in “WallTech” in the search bar, and see a plethora of reviews on our systems. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of WallTech Systems. 


We want to make sure that you have the best experience with installation so we have even posted videos of installation at


Check us out and begin your WallTech journey. Be a part of our growth, because we could not have even imagined this outcome, but here we are!