The Best Way to Organize Your Tool Shed

Tool rooms get cluttered faster than anywhere else in the house. Whether you have a tiny tool closet or a dedicated shed in the backyard, try these tips to keep your tools perfectly organized and easy to work with.

1) Choose Your Favorite Tools

Start your organization process by identifying the tools that you use most often. You’ll want to keep these tools in an easily accessible location. Drills, ratchet sets, and other frequently used items should go near the front. Spare parts, repair kits, and other rarely-used yet still necessary items should be stored in the back.

2) Sort Small Items

Nuts, bolts, and miniature screwdrivers – these little items always seem to find their way into every drawer in the toolbox. Dedicated a small bin or container for each type of small item, and remember to add labels as you go. To sort even more quickly, add a magnet to each container; nails and screws will immediately snap to the magnet instead of rolling across the floor.

3) Dedicate Counter Space

Every tool room needs at least one working surface. You never know when you’ll need to perform a quick repair or set something out to dry.

If you don’t have room for an actual work table, consider using the top of a small storage cabinet. As long as you have a flat and stable area, you’ll be surprised at the amount of work you can accomplish with it.

4) Add Shelves

You’ll never get to keep your counter space unless you find somewhere to put those your neatly organized boxes and favorite power tools. Consider using wire shelves like WallTech so that you can easily see where your tools are located.

Power tools are heavy, but WallTech shelves are up to the task. The WallTech grid system can hold up to 110 pounds and the rail system can hold up to 220 pounds. Explore the different shelving options to find a configuration that works for your storage space.

5) Hang Wall Hooks

Pegs and wall hooks are tool room essentials. You can use them to hang spare hammers and wrenches or to get drill cords off the floor.

If you want to add hooks to your WallTech system, try the classic short hook set. Remember to space the hooks evenly to ensure a good weight distribution.

6) Light the Way

The final element of an organized tool room is plenty of light to help you find your way around. Working in the dark is dangerous, especially when you’re handling metal tools. If you’ve set up a WallTech system, light will be able to pass freely through your shelves; just place a few strategic bulbs, and you’re ready to go.

WallTech rails and grids are the easy way to organize your home. Start planning your freshly organized tool room, and take a look at the WallTech products that will help make it happen.