Organizing Your Office 101

A well-organized office doesn’t just look amazing; it also helps you get things done. Try these tips to keep everything in your office accessible and easy to find.

Keep Surfaces Clean

Clean surface will help you stay focused throughout the work day. Do your best to have an empty desk and well-organized shelves. Put loose documents away, keep your pens in a jar or drawer, and make sure that your bookcase is straight. If something is out of place, put it away when you notice it; then, get back to work.

Store Documents in a Filing Cabinet.

Papers are extremely easy to lose track of, especially if they aren’t a normal part of your workflow. Keep your shelves and drawers accessible by using filing cabinets for all of your hard copies. You should have one file for tax documents, one file for client briefings, and one file for miscellaneous items related to your business. Within each filing cabinet, use clearly labeled file folders to make things easy to find.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Simple color-coding is a great way to keep items organized. Use different colored file folders for specific clients or office tasks. You can also use colored labels or organizational dots for documents, containers, and drawers. If you’re organizing a large office, try using different colored supplies – such as scissors or tape dispensers – for each work area.

Put Supplies in Easy Reach

You don’t want pens, scissors, sticky notes, and tape dispensers cluttering up your desk. Instead, set up a WallTech system on the wall by your desk. Choose from our assortment of baskets, hooks, and shelves to create the perfect arrangement for your tools. Your items will be out of sight but right where you need them.

WallTech systems are easy to set up and completely customizable. Shop our selection of organization products today.