Organizing Your Holidays: The Do’s and Don’ts

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to let your decorations get out of control. Stay on top of the clutter this holiday season with our list of essential organization tips.

1) DO Sort Similar Items

The holidays are busy, and you don’t always have time to dig through every box of decorations. This year, make a point of storing your similar decorations in the same container. Ornaments should go with ornaments, garlands should go with garlands, and string lights should all be kept in one place. You’ll know immediately if you have enough of something, and next year’s decorating will be a breeze.

2) DO Create a Permanent Storage Place

Where do your holiday decorations go after the season ends? If the answer is “somewhere in the closet,” you’re doing it wrong. Try making a space in your attic, basement, or laundry room that’s dedicated purely to holiday items. We recommend setting up a WallTech system to keep everything off the floor and within easy reach.

3) DO Use Airtight Containers

Let this be the last year that you open a box of dusty and musty decorations. Cardboard boxes let in moisture, moths, and other problems. Instead, use a collection of airtight storage containers. Make sure nothing perishable goes into the boxes, and remember to label before you put them away.

4) DON’T Throw Out the Packaging

The same box that your decorations were sold in might be the perfect place to store them. Tree ornaments are usually packed in plastic that’s been perfectly molded to their shape. String lights can be kept from tangling by returning them to their original box. As a bonus, if you keep the original packaging, you’ll easily be able to buy replacements or duplicates in future years.

5) DON’T Forget to Wrap Fragile Items

Never let a fragile glass ornament roll around in a plastic container. If you’re even a little bit worried about your decorations, try wrapping them in something soft. Newspaper, tissue paper, and even leftover wrapping paper are all great choices. If a decoration is made from multiple pieces, they should each be wrapped separately.

6) DON’T Store Hooks Alongside Other Decorations

Ornament hooks are a lifesaver when you’re decorating the tree; but if you leave them in the box until next year, you might end up with a holiday nightmare. Save yourself the trouble of tangled garlands and scratched mementos, and take your ornament hooks off before you put things away.

7) DON’T Keep Decorations You Don’t Like

Do you have a wooden Santa that you just don’t love? How about a string of broken lights that you’ve been meaning to fix for the last few years? The holidays are too short for decorations that you’re not in love with. Keep the good, toss the bad, and revel in your new storage space.

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