Organizing Tips for New Parents

When you’re a new parent, organization gets more difficult – but it also becomes more important. Try these tips to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment for the newest member of your family.

Buy Clear Plastic Bins

If practicality was the only concern, plastic storage bins would be at the top of the baby shower gift list. Find yourself a nice set of matching storage tubs, and come up with a labeling system. Don’t use permanent markers. Instead, opt for dry-erase labels or chalkboard paint.

You’ll see the need for storage bins as soon as your baby outgrows their first set of clothes. Use your bins for garments, toys, and the many other belongings that babies accumulate and discard over time. This storage system will let you hang on to those precious memories without turning your closet into a permanent war zone.

Do One Load of Laundry

New babies always come with extra laundry. From spills to spit-up, you’ll have plenty of excuses to change, wash, and re-wash your clothes.

Before the laundry mountain becomes insurmountable, get into the habit of washing just one load every single day. Throw the load in before you start your morning routine, and put it in the dryer after breakfast. You can get around to folding in the evening or when the baby finally decides to take a nap.

Place Strategic Trash Cans

There are two kinds of messes: those made from clutter, and those made from trash. The first kind can sit for a day or two, but the second kind shouldn’t be allowed to get started.

As a new parent, your hands will be full more often than you realize. Instead of walking your trash back to the kitchen, try placing a few extra bins in convenient locations around your home. Add a can to the nursery for diapers, and find something stylish for the living room. Finally, place a can in the garage so you can easily toss old coffee cups and food wrappers when you get out of the car.