Organize Your College Dorm Room with WallTech

When you move into a college dorm, you’re expected to fit all of your belongings into a shared space. Don’t cram your items into drawers or leave them on the floor – use WallTech to create the perfect arrangement.

WallTech by Your Desk

You need the space on your desk for your computer and your notes. Clean up the clutter by moving your pens, books, and other accessories onto the wall with your favorite grid kit.

Shelves are best for textbooks and binders. Baskets can hold small items like staplers, sticky notes, and your favorite pen holder. Try using hooks to get keep your cords from stretching under your desk. You can also hang a whiteboard or cork board from the bottom of the grid.

WallTech for Your Clothes

For the fashion-forward student, there’s no such thing as enough closet space. Try using a rail kit to make your wardrobe instantly more accessible. If you want even more space, check out our extended rails.

Start by arranging your shelves to hold folded items like shirts and pants. Baskets are the perfect choice for socks, hats, and other loose accessories. Add a few hooks for bags and scarves, and don’t forget that the WallTech design has plenty of room for your clothes hangers. 

WallTech by Your Bed

Those textbooks cost too much to leave in a pile on the floor. Create a space for late-night reading by setting up a WallTech system near the head of your bed.

The small grid kit is the perfect size to hold a few books, a clip-on lamp, and anything else you want in easy reach. WallTech grids have a weight limit of 110 pounds; that’s enough to support 30 textbooks at once!

Don’t Forget: Ask for Permission to Drill

Many college dorms allow you to hang items on the walls, but some dorms do have individual restrictions. Always check with your RA or dorm manager before you make modifications to your room design.

WallTech systems are hung with a power drill; fasteners are included with every kit. For your safety, we do not recommend hanging WallTech systems with tape, command strips, or any other method that is not properly secured to the wall. View our installation guide for a complete set of instructions.

WallTech is a creative, safe, and efficient way to organize your school supplies and belongings. Explore our different kits, and put together the perfect system for your dorm.