4 Fresh Tips for a Clutter-Free Home

The best way to start the new year is with a clean and organized house. Try these four different WallTech solutions to beat the clutter and handle everything that 2020 brings your way.

Sort Small Items

Does your home have a junk drawer? Big objects are easy to find, but the little ones always seem to get lost. To keep them under control, try adding a shallow basket to your WallTech setup. Store pens and pencils in their own holder, and use a magnet to gather loose screws and paperclips. You can put restaurant coupons and other small papers in an envelope and attach it to the basket with a colored clothespin.

Empty the Entryway

A WallTech organizer can instantly change your entryway game. Use hooks for purses, backpacks, and scarves. A basket is a great place for loose gloves and tomorrow’s homework assignments. You can even add a high-up shelf for those dress shoes that you never get a chance to wear.

Clear Your Closets

Be honest – you aren’t going to re-use that roll of wrapping paper. Go through the items on the floor of your closet, and decide what to toss and what to keep. If you have items that simply need to stay, consider hanging a WallTech system on the back of your closet door.

Free the Bathroom Sink

There’s something magical about a pristine bathroom sink. Unfortunately, the available counter space is usually covered with toothbrushes, mouthwash, contact lens fluid, and all the other things you use first thing in the morning. Let WallTech save the day by hanging a small grid organizer next to your mirror. Use shelves and baskets to store your toiletries, leaving the sink looking clear and fresh.

Nearly every organization problem can be solved with a custom WallTech configuration. Explore the options today!