3 Ways to Use WallTech in Your Holiday Kitchen

Holiday cooking is so much easier with a well-organized kitchen. Whether you’re hosting a simple celebration or expecting a stream of guests, try these tips to keep your kitchen in perfect shape.

1) Set Up a Simple Spice Rack

There’s no quicker way to burn a dish than to leave it unattended while you search your cupboards for an elusive spice. If you can never find the cinnamon or that bottle of vanilla extract, you need a spice rack to keep your seasonings right where you need them.

We recommend using our Small Grid Kit, which comes with a grid base and two shelves. You can upgrade the kit with baskets to hold oddly-shaped spices and ingredients.

2) Keep Utensils in Easy Reach

Spatulas, ladles, and other important pieces of kitchen equipment never seem to fit properly into cupboard drawers. That’s because these utensils are best stored on the wall, where you can grab them as soon as your holiday soup needs a stir.

Try placing a WallTech system near your favorite cooking station. Use a grid if you have plenty of space, or try adding a rail to a tiny area. Next, attach our simple WallTech hooks to create an instant utensil-hanging solution. You might also want to add a basket or a shelf for extra kitchen equipment.

3) Create a Holiday Snack Station

Everyone comes home for the holidays, and that means extra people in your kitchen. Family members of all ages will be looking for a box of fudge or those delicious cookies that you just made. If you leave them in the cupboards, you might find yourself dodging houseguests while you try to cook.

Try placing a WallTech system near the main kitchen entrance. Use a combination of baskets and shelves to create your perfect organizational setup. Then, fill those shelves with the cookies, candies, and snack items that you know your guests will be looking for.

Once you’ve hung your WallTech system, don’t forget to decorate it! Our grids and rails are the perfect places to hang extra ornaments or holiday lights.

WallTech has organizational solutions for every room in your home. Shop our selection today.